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Use software and hardware to ethically and kindly augment humans, to live better lives.

Upcoming Projects

How Qnzl is going to try to help


Plan meals around what you have on-hand, rather than buying ingredients you will use once.


Custom in-ear monitors to help with audio processing disorder and noise sensitivity.

"What if you made hearing aids so superior to non-impared hearing that those who don't need hearing aids wanted them"

Speed Listening Trainer

Train your brain to be able to listen at 2x+ speed and retain information.

Current Projects

How Qnzl is trying to help


No-code quantified life dashboard

Track and correlate different parts of your life, to find what makes you tick and iterate on it.

Past Projects

How Qnzl tried to help


Minimalist Reddit so you can focus on what's important.

Running but open-sourced in Sept '20 due to no interest in monetizing

PhonePrivacy (open-sourced)

Prevent distraction with multiple easily disposable phone numbers.

Cleaned up, open-sourced and shut down in Sept '20 due to low revenue after multiple pivots.

Tube (shut down)

Minimalist YouTube so you can focus on what's important.

Open-sourced and no longer hosted as of Aug '20 when Google pulled our API keys and refused to reinstate them due to "duplicating YouTube behavior"

BitchSesh (shut down)

Peer-to-peer therapy, like BetterHelp, just as helpful and not $200 / mo.

Never released due to concerns about how people would treat each other and the implications of having non-licensed people try to provide therapy.

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